How to Pray !

Many of us muslims are unaware of proper way of praying . The Holy Quraan states “do not pray silently nor too loudly, but use a way in between” , yes! This is clearly in the Quraan reference :

Surah Isra 17:110

Generally Accepted Translations of the Meaning
Muhammad Asad Say: “Invoke God, or invoke the Most Gracious: by whichever name you invoke Him, [He is always the One-for] His are all the attributes of perfection. And [pray unto Him; yet] be not too loud in thy prayer nor speak it in too low a voice, but follow a way in-between.
M. M. Pickthall Say (unto mankind): Cry unto Allah, or cry unto the Beneficent, unto whichsoever ye cry (it is the same). His are the most beautiful names. And thou (Muhammad), be not loud-voiced in thy worship nor yet silent therein, but follow a way between.

And then there is Hazrat Ibraheem Alehissalaam who used to pray to Allaah for perfection in his Namaz/Prayer, yet we wonder how easily we are distracted by the devil’s whispers during our Namaz, well if we had only been brought up with proper Namaz techniques, perhaps the devil’s interference would be somewhat minimal as compared to the amount we suffer from today, anyhow whenever you are able to contact me Insha’Allaah I will demonstrate how to whisper your prayers during Namaz to drive away the devil’s whispers.

When we whisper our prayers during Namaz, it increases our focus and concentration on the main concept that we are in front of Allaah and talking to Allaah, though the devil interferes in our Namaz by using worldly distractions, such as “oh! I need to do this or that, right after Namaz, or when i reach the office, or after lunch” etc… however it may still occur while you are whispering your prayers to Allaah, the distraction slowly reduces as you master this technique prescribed by Allaah as shown in the verse above. This prayer technique alone will draw you closer towards Allaah (as Allaah Wills) and this will drive the devils further away from you and your loved ones who apply this technique (as Allaah Wills).

Secondly, breath in a relaxing manner with deep breaths during your prostration/ sijdaa’s/ rukoo’s to perfect the feeling of “Namaz is the Mairaj of the Momin” as Prophet Mohammad S.a.w. Once stated, and  Insha’Allaah very soon you shall find yourself falling in love with Namaz and you shall witness how your Namaz shall love you back Insha’Allaah.