Introduction 1.

 Allaah o Akbar اللہ اکبر

In the name of Allaah the most beneficient, the most merciful

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

Dear audience,

Today, as unfortunate as it may be, almost every household (if not all) is suffering from spiritual and psychological illnesses of various kinds. My own household was no exception, then I was blessed by Allaah with this MIRACULOUS Knowledge. Whether it may be simple or serious levels of anxiety, loss of memory, sudden bursts of temper, or to the extreme extent of witchcraft and black magic, these illnesses and evil practices are poisoning our souls, yet we continue to BLAME one another for a variety of unusual behaviour that one way or another seems to be the victim’s fault, e.g a father screaming at his son for spilling his medicine, yes this could be due to negligence but it may also be due to the EVIL EYE, or unnoticeable weakness caused by WITCHCRAFT, then how are we to recognise the reason for such mishaps? Very simple the same rule that applies to any mystery, a PATTERN ! When a certain behaviour once too often starts developing a PATTERN, chances are either some sort of biological/medical deficiency or social mischief/witchcraft/intensional evil eye is the reason.

Throughout my life, and from a very young age, Allaah guided me towards learning the protective verses to shield me from the 3 taweezes (تاویز) recently retrieved from a friends Ruqyah recitation and continuous recitation of AYAT-UL-KURSIY (verses of the LORD ALLAAH’S THRONE). Then with the help of proper Quran and sunnah teachings which Allaah has blessed me with, along with the life long teachings of humbleness from my Spiritual Mentor, I have been witnessing first hand the “Power of the Scriptures of Allaah”, which Allaah has bestowed upon me, in the form of Rohani iLaj of some close relatives, who have confirmed the power of the recitations, as I enquire from them from time to time in order to make sure any of my deeds/اعمال are not disturbing my recitations and performances. So May Allaah Help me always, Aameen summa aameen .

I would like to spread the word by introducing the audience on “how to learn self-spiritual healing” through Quranic verses and our beloved Prophet Sallallahu alehe wassalam’s teachings, and remove the seriously-misunderstood concept that “you have to go to an Aalim or raaqi or worse an aamil” for removal of jinn possession or witchcraft healing. Has Allaah not said in the Quran that “We have made these scriptures easy to understand” then my question is, Are you going to trust Allaah’s word or some so called religious expert (جالی عالم دین) ْOr respectfully speaking weak religious expert (کمزور عالم دین), yes it is true that it is hard work learning spiritual healing but its only hard work for the nafs (ego) which as a result makes us better human beings and a lot more healthier and more productive socially, economically and of course spiritually.

“”””I’m still in the process of developing this website however you may reach me at my home or work cell numbers for further info (please leave a message via ‘text message’ or more preferably ‘whatsapp voice or text message’ with a brief description of your concerns, Jazak Allaah o khaira””””

***May Allaah forgive me for any shortcomings or excessiveness in this website,  jazak Allaah ***