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We strive to provide a solution to all Health & Economic issues through Miraculously Proven Recitations and Dietary advice along with a Proper & Healthy Daily Routine in accordance with or as close to as possible (according to individuals professional requirements) with Prophet Mohammad’s (May Peace & the blessings of Allaah be upon him) lifestyle & Medicinal teachings (& May Allaah help us to achieve perfection in this field, Aameen summa Aameen/ Amen).

e.g. Particular Scripture Recitations (Quranic & Prophetic Prayers), Herbal remedies, Physical exercises etc…

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We prefer being contacted via whatsapp/SMS/Regular calling methods, for your confidentiality,  as we accept clients from all backgrounds for the purpose of getting you back on track with an ambitious lifestyle.

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Kindly leave a detailed or brief message on 


+92 3122123199 (call to call/whatsapp-msg) for a quick response

Inn Sha Allaah


+92 3012006151 (SMS/call to call/whatsapp)

**please type, then copy-paste message to both numbers when whatsapping For 1st time contact

How we protect your data

Our simplified policy of call to call or whatsapp messaging/calling is to ensure, the best and most simplified safe and secure information sharing process, however if you prefer any other method, we are open to suggestions. As far as confidentiality is concerned, kindly feel as comfortable as you would with your most intimate friend or a  psychiatric practitioner as we consider ourselves legally obliged to ensure the utmost confidentiality when dealing with any of your private or legal issues. We strive to provide the most friendliest yet confidential relationship for your peace of mind,

       Your Peace Of Mind Is Our Peace Of Mind. 😉

jazak Allaah o khaira, looking forward to satisfying your requirements (inn sha Allaah)